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The weTrace is a mobile application powered by Michigan based Kyyba Innovations LLC. The applications allows individuals to self-evaluate and also provides instant accessibility to healthcare workers to understand and consult users in real time using interactive tools.

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About COVID-19

Contrary to popular belief, the coronavirus outbreak in 2019 was something scientists had actually seen before. The 2003 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) epidemic was caused by a coronavirus, as well as the 2012 Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS) in Saudi Arabia. The COVID-19 virus is a new strain of coronavirus, not something entirely new. For example, there are many cases of the flu virus each year, but the outbreaks are due to a new strain of flu. The outbreak of COVID-19 is believed to have started at a local seafood/wild animal market in Wuhan, China in December 2019.

  “CO” is named for coronavirus, “Vi” is for virus, and “D” is for Disease. Because the outbreak started in 2019, the name resulted in COVID-19.

  The first coronavirus death was reported on January 11, 2020, and the first confirmed case in the United States was reported on January 21, 2020. Since then, the world has over 13 million confirmedcases and over 580,000 deaths, with numbers rising daily.


COVID-19 vs. Flu vs. Cold

User Features

The unique features of weTrace App

  • Symptom Tracker
    Tracking how you feel is quick and easy. It requires less than a minute. You can view how you felt on previous days to look for signs of the virus. Users can take a simple symptom tracking questionnaire and access heat map to navigate infection zones and access test locations using the chat icon.
  • Infection Zone
    Know where COVID-19 positive patients are localized. Real-time statistics allow users to access landscape statistics, from their own city, county and state. This screen allows you to access real time statistics and also trace any COVID-19 +ve cases near you for both users and health systems. A great tool for the county as well.
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  • Health Connect
    This tele-health feature provides you instant access to a healthcare professional. Using your smartphone, you could audio/video conference a medical professional and receive instant information and advice. Healthcare officials can gather data on individuals who are quarantined and help generate a far more accurate regionalized data for user awareness and safety.
  • News and Information
    Access accurate news and information from the source. Interact with individuals and clients using interactive tools and provide real alerts and notifications using advanced tech savvy platform.

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